MMA fighter Marlon Vera lost the big fight in Miami. Then he got more bad news


It's tough out there for Marlon “Chito” Vera.

After losing to Sean O'Malley in Saturday night's UFC 299 fight at the Kaseya Center in Miami, the guy finds out his house has been robbed all the way in Southern California.

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On Wednesday, Vera shared a photo of his broken door on Instagram, and some media outlets received a screenshot. The text on the screen read: “The damn hole that broke into my house. I will find you.”

WARNING: The post contains strong language

“I returned home to file a police report and try to get all my legal documents and watches into the safe that someone stole from my house,” the Ecuadorian MMA star told his fans, according to TMZ.

Vera's wife, María Paulina Escobar, also used her Stories on Thursday evening to tell her followers that she had been feeling “scared” since the break-in.

“They broke into our house. Although they are material things, they are things that were purchased with a lot of effort and hard work.”

The influencer, who was in Miami with Vera and her three children at the time, ended the video by saying that she actually had no animosity towards the thief:

“I really hope he needed the money for something important.”