What is the viral TikTok OatZempic drink?


There's a viral weight loss trend on TikTok called “OatZempic.” Is it actually as effective as Ozempic and why do so many people try it? Let's find out.

Ozempic has become a hype worldwide. Among other medical uses, the drug is used to treat diabetes by helping patients lower their blood sugar. However, it has been glorified by the media as an effective weight loss remedy, leading to its widespread use among celebrities, influencers and common people alike. Some celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Kate Winslet and Elon Musk have admitted to using the drug, while others are speculated to have used it due to their “ozempic face,” a hollowed-out appearance caused by loss of facial fat. have consumed.

It is worth noting that Ozempic is an expensive drug, costing almost $1,000 to take monthly. In countries like Thailand, the 1 mg pre-filled pen costs between 12,900 and 20,000 THB per week, making it an even more expensive option. However, TikTok users have found an affordable alternative to ozempic, which they call OatZempic.

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What is the viral TikTok OatZempic drink?

The OatZempic trend is a clever play on words on “Ozempic,” but contains nothing of the actual drug. To make this mixed drink, simply mix 1/2 cup oatmeal with 1 cup water and add 1/2 lime juice and cinnamon (optional) to taste. Some may even add half an apple. It is considered an affordable alternative to Ozempic because it helps “suppress appetite.” Some even claim to have lost up to 40 pounds in just two months.


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Does OatZempic work?

It is important to note that we cannot compare the weight loss trend of consuming an oat drink to a drug like Ozempic. Ozempic is a hormone that affects the brain, while the oat drink only makes you feel full for a few hours because oats contain beta-glucan. Therefore, the main reason why people lose weight through this trend is most likely a calorie deficit.

For example, if you have this drink for breakfast (even if it is not a meal replacement), you will already be consuming fewer calories than usual. The mixture of oats, lemon and water has about 120 calories. Compared to a typical breakfast of Eggs, bacon and toast with butter, which has almost 700 calories, of course, consuming the drink reduces the amount of calories by over 70%.

Additionally, people who experience drastic weight loss are more likely to replace a higher-calorie meal with this drink. All in all, it's still best to eat a nutritious diet, exercise, and drink plenty of water. Implementing fashion trends like this is not sustainable in the long run when it comes to achieving your health and fitness goals.