Beach Iftar: The New Trend in Kerala's Malabar Region | Travel


It's fun to have a snack and enjoy the evening breeze on the beaches of Kerala. The Malabar region is now using the relaxed atmosphere to do something new – to break its Ramzan fast. Nowadays it is common to see large and small groups of families or friends visiting beaches with mats and food packages. They spread it on the sand, serve the food, say their prayers and enjoy the food. Niya Meher, a student in Calicut, says that earlier there were also people who broke their fast on the beach. “However, these days more and more people are coming to the beaches for iftar. I think it also has to do with the fact that certain roles of beach iftars are becoming more and more popular. When you look at it, you feel like other people are experiencing the same thing,” she says.

It only takes a few minutes to spread out a bed sheet or mat on the sand, prepare all the delicious snacks and drinks, and then break the fast. It is the wonderful atmosphere of the beach that delights people, say many who now regularly come to the beaches for iftar. Most people bring dates, juices, Tharikanji, Unnakkaya, Chattipathiri and Kayipola from home. Beach iftars are more fun when home-cooked food is served, say those who do them regularly. Interestingly, this trend, which began in the Gulf States, has now become established here too.

The beaches in Kozhikode, Malappuram and Kannur are full of families bringing home-cooked food to break their fast. In addition, students staying in dormitories come in groups to Iftar on the beach. Many beach restaurants have now announced special offers for the Ramadan season.

Beach Iftar for NIT students
At a time when the National Institute of Technology, Kozhikode is closed due to the ongoing protests against time restrictions in the hostels, a group of students of the institution also broke their fast on Kozhikode beach. Speaking to Manorama News, they said, “We wanted to hold an iftar off campus before the end of our academic year and decided to host it at the beach. “We didn't think it would be so well received and successful.”