Joe Rogan backtracks after blasting Conor McGregor over 'Road House' claims, comparing the UFC star to Dwayne Johnson


Joe Rogan may not have believed Conor McGregor when it came to an actor's predicament, but now he's put his stamp on the Irishman's Hollywood ambitions! McGregor plays “Knox”, the villain in the recently released “Road House”, a reimagining of the 1989 classic in which the legendary, Patrick Swayze.

While the podcaster had previously criticized McGregor for an interview in which he announced: “Acting… It’s just a difficult game, much more difficult than I gave it credit for.”Now he has revealed that he believes The Notorious can become a megastar in Hollywood!

Joe Rogan changes his mind and claims Conor McGregor can be like The Rock in Hollywood


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Appearing on JRE (Joe Rogan Experience) episode #2122, comedian Mark Normand paraphrased McGregor when he said to Joe Rogan: “Acting is harder than UFC because he's in Road House, that was a quote from Conor…”, prompting the podcast host to respond: “Okay, star in Road House or fight Khabib again, hold on Shut up, that’s crazy talk.”

And in a recent conversation on the JRE MMA Show No. 154 with Matt Sera, Din ThomasAnd Jon Rallo, Rogan shed light on a different perspective on McGregor's acting endeavors. When the subject of “Road House” came up, Rogan explained that he had not seen the film yet.

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Matt Sera, addressing the film's theme, then exclaimed: “And let me tell you, Conor, what an actor, he did his damn self. People say, “Hey, what an actor, he's going to take the world of Hollywood by storm, he's basically playing himself!”

Rogan responded by saying, “Couldn't he play himself in a series of films? I bet Guy Ritchie is on speed dial with him right now…”. But Din Thomas interjected and claimed: “But all he had was a lot of one-liners, so it’s easy to deliver one-liners.”

As such, Rogan revealed “Listen, Conor McGregor could easily be a movie star. If The Rock can do it, don't you think Conor Mcgregor can do it? He could 100% do it and he’s a man of character, look at him, he’s a real character guy.”

In conclusion, despite initially criticizing McGregor's comments about the challenges of acting, Joe Rogan's views on Conor McGregor's Hollywood ambitions have evolved. And his latest endorsement fuels speculation surrounding McGregor's future in the entertainment industry.

However, given McGregor's recent signs that he wants to return to the Octagon soon, one UFC lightweight has made his predictions for the clash between “The Notorious” and Michael Chandler!

UFC lightweight predicts McGregor's Octagon return

Renato Moicano is preparing to take over Jalin Turner at UFC 300. However, during his recent appearance on MMA Hour, the Brazilian not only spoke about his upcoming fight, but also shared his thoughts on the highly anticipated return of Conor McGregor and gave his prediction for “Mystic Mac's” chances against ” Mystic Mac” from Chandler.


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He explained, “McGregor, [for a] He hasn't fought for a long time, we have the leg injury and everything. But at the same time, I think Chandler is the opponent that makes McGregor shine, right? … And because he’s so small and McGregor was so precise, I think he could get the knockout against Chandler.”

His comments came after McGregor revealed in a recent ESPN interview that “And 'The Mac,' 'The Notorious' will return to the UFC Octagon this summer.” While the UFC and CEO Dana White have yet to make an official announcement for the fight, anticipation for McGregor's return is palpable in the MMA community, and Moicano's prediction adds another layer to the intrigue surrounding this matchup.


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Do you agree with Joe Rogan's statements about Conor McGregor's Hollywood prospects? And will he be able to return to top form against Michael Chandler? Share your thoughts in the comments below!