Disney Imagineers debut YouTube series “We Call It Imagineering” – The Nerds of Color


Disneyland alone is a magical experience. Updates on attractions, parades, and even restaurants keep things modern and up-to-date while staying in theme with the country. And now, Disney Imagineers are embarking on an ambitious effort to accelerate Disney experiences that would amaze this and future generations.

Taking inspiration from Walt Disney's script, Disney Imagineering is launching a new YouTube series called “We Call It Imagineering.” The series gives audiences a glimpse into the creative and design journey required to bring these attractions and live entertainment to life. And it's no secret that Imagineers' creativity is forward-thinking. The idea continues to open new doors that lead to new avenues of curiosity and innovation.

The series introduces audiences to the people who dream, create, design and build the Disney experience around the world. The Imagineers represent a variety of different disciplines, from engineers, puppeteers and painters to architects, songwriters and graphic designers. Beginning with Audio-Animatronics, the episode reveals a look at new Audio-Animatronics characters that populate attractions like Pirates of the Caribbean and Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room. It's an interesting look at the history of technology and how it has evolved over the years. None of the characters we see in these fan-favorite attractions would have been possible without Walt's keen eye for innovation. And it was all inspired by a little mechanical bird in a cage that Walt bought in New Orleans. Finally, the video showcases the latest audio-animatronic technology by giving us a look at Tiana's bayou adventures. The attraction will open later this summer at Walt Disney World and later this year at Disneyland Resort!

“It's an exciting time at Walt Disney Imagineering and it's an exciting time for The Walt Disney Company. “I’m incredibly proud of the ambition of our Imagineers and the future is bright,” said Josh D’Amaro while visiting the Imagineering offices in Glendale this week.

D'Amaro was later joined by Disney CEO Bob Iger. “It’s this incredible balance between art and technology. And when I think about Imagineering, that’s exactly what’s happening here.”

The episodes will highlight the important role Imagineers play in bringing the Disney magic to life, and they are excited to take fans behind the scenes and share what they have in store for the next decade and beyond have.