Woman randomly attacked while walking in Chicago, reflecting disturbing trend in New York


CHICAGO (CBS) – What appears to be a dangerous trend reported by several women in New York City could now be happening in Chicago too.

Several women have reported being physically attacked while simply walking down the street, minding their own business. A woman said she was the victim of such an attack last Saturday evening while walking near State Street and Chicago Avenue on the Near North Side.

There is a lot of traffic at the intersection – there is a busy Red Line stop underneath. CBS 2 went from store to store asking people if they saw or heard anything when the attack happened. Nobody had.

However, one woman said she witnessed the attack firsthand and sent out a warning on social media.

In New York City, There was a pattern of random attacks on women in recent weeks. Just in the span of three days last week, several women were hit in the head in random attacks in Manhattan's busy Chinatown, West Village, Cheslea and Midtown neighborhoods, CBS New York reported.

The attacks occurred in broad daylight for no apparent reason – leaving the victims with black eyes and swelling.

A woman, Halley Kate, posted a video about an attack in New York that went viral on TikTok, garnering tens of millions of views. Several other women also posted TikTok videos documenting how they were attacked out of the blue in New York.

“I literally just got hit by a man on the sidewalk. He says 'sorry' and then hits me in the head,” Olivia Brand said in a video posted to TikTok on March 17.

A man has been arrested and charged in the attack on 23-year-old Kate, and sources told CBS New York he is a suspect in several other such attacks. But the attacks didn't stop. CBS New York reported last week that it appears that several people are behind the attacks – and that there appears to be no connection between them.

And now a woman in Chicago claims to have witnessed a similar attack.

“OK, this is a PSA for all the girls in Chicago,” says woman Emily Ruth on TikTok. “I was walking my dog ​​in the Gold Coast/River North area and as I got to my building a woman ran towards me so scared because a man had just punched her in the face. And then he ran west, down Chestnut [Street]. He threw away her phone, her nose was hurt, she was bleeding a little – she was very scared. We called the police.

Chicago police confirmed to CBS 2 that a 52-year-old woman was walking near State Street and Chicago Avenue Saturday night when a man punched her in the face.

He then picked up the items the woman dropped and threw them across the street, police said, before driving off.

It is unclear what the motive was behind the attack. But the alleged witness took to social media to send a warning.

“This is just so scary. This is happening now both in New York and here,” Emily Ruth said in the TikTok video. “So everyone out there be extra vigilant – and stay safe.”

The victim who was hit in Chicago refused medical attention.

Police said they were investigating the case and no arrests had been made as of late Thursday.