The Delaware Football Club is expanding into the Cape Region


After immense success in northern Delaware, the Delaware Football Club is expanding its offerings to the Cape Region.

“We have just been given the opportunity to play in the Elite Clubs National League for 13 to 19 year olds and to do well in every age group we need a larger player pool,” said director Scott Mosier. “We have done well with a smaller player pool in the north, but growth and a larger pool are our priority for the league.”

With a team of 55 members who are growing and developing their own coaching skills, Mosier said Delaware FC is always looking for opportunities to expand into different areas. Teaching the game is the product of the football club, but the emphasis is on player development that extends beyond the pitch. Mosier will lead the new Henlopen team, along with Justin Romano, Dave Scruggs and Scott Smith.

“Delaware FC’s primary focus is to use sports to develop character so they become great young adults,” Mosier said. “I don’t think there are many opportunities in life right now to fail at something without consequences.”

While Delaware FC fields highly competitive teams, players who start at a young age are given personal attention to ensure they develop properly.

“In a game, a 9-year-old could miss a shot and he'll be upset, which is what we expect because he's competitive,” Mosier said. “But then it’s up to us to teach him through the sport how to handle shooting mistakes and adversity.”

Mosier has coached at Delaware for more than 20 years and said he has seen so many 7-year-olds turn into 18-year-olds that he appreciates the transition from young children to young adults.

“Winning or losing is irrelevant,” Mosier said. “There is nothing that makes a coach prouder than seeing someone develop into a great player under their leadership or coach.”

In collaboration with Cape Henlopen High School and Sandhill Fields, Delaware FC will offer clinics and clinics at both facilities. Tryouts for Delaware FC will take place on Thursday, April 18th and Friday, May 10th at Cape Henlopen High School. Boys and girls born in 2013-18 start at 5:30 p.m. and end at 7:00 p.m. 12 will take part in their tryouts before it ends at 8:30 p.m

Mosier said the cost for a U9 player is $700, U10 is $800 and U11 and U12 are $1,000. One of the club's goals is to remove financial barriers to participation.

“The nice thing about having a big club – we have over 2,500 players and next year it will be closer to 3,000 – is that it has a big budget,” Mosier said. “The facilities are good, our staff are trained and certified to the highest level, but with a large budget we can also offer scholarships. There is no one in the north who can’t play because of money, and it will be the same in the south.”

Mosier said parents and caregivers can apply for a scholarship and that Delaware FC will discuss the matter with them on a private level.

Those who make the team can expect to practice three evenings per week, with the third practice remaining optional for some teams and games taking place on weekends in the fall and spring. Teams participating in the ECNL will practice all three days of the week.

Although there are teams that compete at the highest level of club soccer, Mosier encourages players of all abilities to make their mark.

“Our mission statement is 'Football for All' at Delaware FC and that includes the younger, the older, the high and the lower levels and those who feel they can't afford it,” Mosier said. “Our mission is something we take seriously to ensure everyone has the opportunity to play.”

Mosier said he and the rest of the Delaware FC staff are excited about the southward expansion and believe they are qualified to provide world-class, hands-on level training at an affordable price.

Anyone interested in learning more about Delaware FC's expansion into the Cape Region can attend a Zoom webinar on Sunday, April 14, from 7 to 8 p.m. by registering at The webinar link will be sent by email after registration is completed.

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