The Bengals are quietly no longer afraid of draft trades


The Cincinnati Bengals have a reputation for being a team that rarely does business, be it during an NFL Draft or elsewhere.

But like other things about the Bengals in recent years, their reputation is a bit dated.

The Bengals have made a handful of trades during the draft itself in recent years, with one notable trade up surprising fans when they moved up to sign Cam Taylor-Britt.

And as's Geoff Hobson broke down, this is sort of a “new era” when it comes to the team becoming trade-happy in the draft:

Since his longest-serving lieutenant, director of pro scouting Steven Radicevic, arrived in the 2013 draft, the Bengals have made 11 trades on the clock, more than at any time in team history. A total of seven came during head coach Zac Taylor's five drafts, and there were four in the four drafts of the 2020s.

During this time the duchy was also streamlined. No more position coaches and other personnel. Joining Tobin's scouts and the ownership group led by Bengals president Mike Brown are Taylor and his three coordinators.

Disclaimer: This doesn't mean the Bengals will make another trade in the draft this month, especially early in the order.

But it adds a little more spice to mock drafts where the Bengals make a big trade.

And if nothing else, it's evidence that the team will work the phones when the decision makers are worried that a prospect they like won't fall to them, or that they'll listen to offers that will move them down as well .

The story originally appeared on Bengals Wire