Monster Hunter Stories physical collection includes download code (USA)


To update [Fri 5th Apr, 2024 00:30 BST]:

Updated offers for the standalone physical version of the first Monster Hunter Stories game on Switch have now appeared on sites like Playasia. You can pre-order the Japan and Asia versions, with both versions offering English language support. Here's a look at the box art:

Monster Hunter Stories
Image: via Playasia

Original story [Wed 13th Mar, 2024 01:45 GMT]:

Alongside the announcement of the release date for Monster Hunter Stories, Capcom revealed a “special set” containing the original game and the sequel. The official website also confirmed that this “collection” would be released physically in the US.

Now, in a new update, a GameStop listing with the official box art has revealed that there's a little catch. While there will be a game card including Monster Hunter Stories, there will be a download voucher for the second game. Here's exactly what it says in the fine print:

“Includes a game card for Monster Hunter Stories and a download voucher for Monster Hunter Stories 2 – download required. See back.”

Monster Hunter Stories
Image: via GameStop

If this isn't exactly what you were hoping for, stores like Playasia will apparently be offering retail copies of the first game in select regions. The sequel was also released in physical form (game card and all) on the Switch in 2021, in case you want to track it down.

Although there is no release date for the collection on GameStop's website, Capcom states that this physical package will arrive in the US on June 14, 2024. The same collection will also be available digitally on the same day.

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