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OXFORD, Miss – The 2024 Ole Miss football team gathered from all over the country during the offseason, and now the returning players, transfers and incoming freshmen who came to Oxford from coast to coast will come together as one on the practice field this spring.

Tre Harris, Suntarine Perkins And Brandon Turnage All spoke to the media after training on Thursday. Keep scrolling for the latest on her travels.


It was arguably one of the biggest recruiting coups of the offseason for Ole Miss Tre Harris returning to his senior campaign after a spectacular first year in red and blue. Harris showed last season how successful transfer portal players can be at Ole Miss, leading the Rebels with 985 receiving yards and eight touchdowns despite battling injuries.

This time last year, Harris was on the receiving end Jaxson Darts FaceTime calls when he was hired after starting his career at Louisiana Tech. A year later, Harris helped Dart add more talent to the roster.

“Me and him were constantly on FaceTime calls Diego Pound, Nate Kalepo, Juice Wells, guys like that, just trying to get everyone involved,” Harris said. “Just connecting with these guys and showing them what Ole Miss is all about. “We’re showing that we’re going to work hard every day and do our best.”

One of the big names the Rebels lured into the portal came straight from Harris' backyard. Harris knew nothing about the transfer to Alabama Trey Amos They must have missed each other growing up as Amos played for Catholic High in New Iberia, Louisiana, just 20 miles south of Comeaux High, where Harris attended. Now both wear the Rebels' number 9 and compete against each other every day in training.

“We've actually never met before. His high school is maybe 15 to 25 minutes away from my high school,” Harris said. “It’s crazy how two kids from the same city can end up in the same place every day.”


Suntarine Perkins was one of the most anticipated high school prospects in a long time at Ole Miss, and he didn't disappoint in 2023. The Raleigh, Mississippi native and former 5-star prospect played in all 13 games and ranked fourth among Rebel linebackers with 38 tackles, including 5.5 for a loss, and 3.5 sacks.

“Last year, when I got out of high school, everything happened quickly. I had to bring down the steps for defense. It’s pretty hard to get in,” Perkins said. “When I first came in, they tried to play me as a middle linebacker and then also used me as a jack, so I learned both positions at the same time. This year he'll give me a chance to play Jack, and next year he'll probably move to middle linebacker to prepare for the pros.

To prepare for a bigger role in 2024 and ultimately his NFL career, Perkins' goal now is to make it big. Perkins, who played at 205 pounds last year, wants to move up to 220 pounds before the fall. And as he told the media on Thursday, you have to eat a lot to grow tall.

“I have to try to get at least 220 before the season starts,” Perkins said. “I just try to eat anything to gain weight – vegetables, cornbread, stuff like that. We talk every day about how to gain weight. Things are going well so far.”


Brandon Turnage was highly recruited out of Lafayette High School and ranked by ESPN as one of the top 100 prospects in the country for the 2019 class. His journey first took him from home to Alabama and then through the transfer portal to Tennessee. Now Turnage is home for his final college season, and the familiar surroundings are already pushing him to improve.

“It feels great to be home, back with my family and friends,” Turnage said. “I've been thinking about doing this for a long time. Since it was my last year of college football, I just felt like it would be good to be back with my family and see what it felt like to be home, see if it turned me on a little harder, and that's what it does. Since all my people can come and watch me play instead of watching it on TV, I felt like this was a great opportunity and a great time to do it.”

Brandon grew up in Oxford and starred in Lafayette. He spent a lot of time watching Ole Miss football. Now that he's back, he has a unique perspective on the program's evolution Lane Kiffinand he's excited to be part of something special in his hometown.

“When I was in high school, I was up here almost every day and every week. I somehow felt like I was part of the team. It was like a family. Even today it's the same feeling everywhere, still like a family.” “We have a great relationship with the other units,” said Turnage. “It’s definitely more of a professional program now. This is something I really wanted to be a part of. I saw how they did it before I came here. I watched and played against them. Then Coach Golding came here and his pro-style defense, I said there's no better time or opportunity than this.

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