GTA 5 turns into Days Gone in the free download full of zombies


Have you looked at it? GTA V and thought, “That needs zombies”? Then you should try this free download.

For some the joy GTA V The reason for this is that it's more like real life than other games – you can rampage through semi-familiar streets, causing havoc or trying to do good. However, there are times when Rockstar Games' acclaimed title needs a refresh.

You can choose from a variety of traditional mods that will allow your crew to take part in new heists. Or you could approach it from a new angle and drive headfirst into one Over-like mod full of flesh-eating danger.

Achieving this feat requires a number of mods. Luckily, YouTuber Just Gesha provides a link to all the downloads involved as well as instructions on how to install them. Just see for yourself how it looks and plays overall.

“DAMMIT This is so amazing!! You deserve more views and subscribers. That's the kind of game I want to play. You just did it GTA V better. Thanks and great job dude,” one post reads. Another said: “They literally turned it around [GTA V] into a completely new game. Looks really good.”

As much as we want GTA VI, we can't deny that if Rockstar suddenly came along and announced a game like this, we wouldn't pre-order it in a heartbeat. There's just something so alluring about GTA meetings Over in a way that is difficult to describe; The reaction is almost visceral.

Be sure to check them out GTA VI trailer before you leave

You can take part in zombie-filled apocalyptic events for free, or instead focus on other GTA-related news, such as the fact that Harass returns. Finally.

It's definitely a joyful time to be a GTA fan. Especially if you like The Last of Us and other zombie survival thrill rides.