“Good Morning Football’s Will Selva Leaves NFL Network After 11 Years”


Will Selva is leaving NFL Network after 11 years and will not be moving on Good morning football as the show moves across the country to LA later this summer.

In a social media post, Selva confirmed that his time with NFLN was coming to an end.

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“My incredible run at NFL Network has come to an end after more than a decade,” Selva shared on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. “I had the honor of being there Good morning football Since day one, I’ve worked with the most talented crew in the industry to deliver the news and hopefully give viewers a laugh.”

He continued: “I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the memories and will miss these days very much. “There are good things ahead, but now I would like to thank my colleagues and viewers for an incredible 11 years.”

Selva was based in LA and was the NFL insider at GMFB The team talks to him every morning about the latest developments in football.

Selva's departure comes as follows GMFB brings the show co-hosted by Jamie Erdahl, Peter Schrager, Kyle Brandt and Jason McCourty from NYC to LA.

NFL Network has not announced the talent making the move, but on Erdahl's last day on the show before her maternity leave, she said she would return to the show later this summer.

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GMFB is currently on an extended break as her final live show from her studio in New York airs on March 29th. Brandt signed off on the show and addressed viewer concerns about the move.

“It's exciting to me that you're watching the show that you're watching right now. And I know you have questions because I've seen them. Why is this happening? Who's going to LA? “Why would you take something you did so right and change it?” Brandt said. “Some of these answers I don’t know. Some of them I can't pass on. And to be honest, I have a lot of questions myself.”

He continued: “I know that. Personally, I will be intensively involved Good morning football go forward. And I want to spend the rest of my career in the NFL. And Good morning football doesn't end. It's expanding. And it's exciting because it's a bigger show. It’s more of a show.”

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