Palworld provides the free download, packed with new content and fixes


Palworld gets its first raid boss, Bellanoir, as one of the highlights of a huge update that also brings a number of fixes to improve the game's quality of life. The latest update is available on Steam and includes the raid boss as the first new sidekick for the game since its release earlier this year.

The developer of PalworldPocket Pair, had promised a detailed roadmap of content for the Early Access phase, of which this update is only the first part.

Palworld continues to advance the early access roadmap

Despite the number of players for Palworld With player numbers having plummeted recently, the game needs to keep moving forward in the hopes of luring some of those trainers back to the colorful land of the Pals. Expanding on the content originally offered is certainly one way to achieve this, as it brings players together to defeat the evil friend Bellanoir as she unleashes her power on the island Palworld.

It's definitely a great update with lots of new additions that make the game feel less taxing and will appeal more to casual gamers. In addition to Bellanoir, players can enjoy other highlights:

  • New “Training Manual” items have been added. You can use these guides to give experience points to friends.
  • New item “Old Technical Manual” has been added. This guide gives you ancient technology points and can be found randomly in dungeon chests.
  • The new item “Ability Goggles” has been added. When equipped, you can see Pal's stats.
  • New armor “Multiclimate Undershirt” has been added. Protect yourself from heat and cold with just one slot!
  • New building “Electric Egg Incubator” has been added. This incubator uses electricity to automatically adjust the temperature for each egg to the optimal temperature.
  • New building “Ore Mining Site” has been added. This mining location allows you to produce ores from the comfort of your base!