Watch Kim Gordon perform her synth-heavy single “Bye Bye” on Kimmel.


Kim Gordon stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to perform her latest single “Bye Bye.” Performing with a live band, Gordon tore through the frazzled, synth-laden track with atmospheric fervor.

“Bye Bye” is the second solo LP from the former Sonic Youth musician. The collective, which fell in March. The album was produced by Justin Raisen with help from Anthony Paul Lopez and follows Gordon's 2019 debut solo LP. No home recordwith the songs “Murdered Out”, “AirBnB” and “Don't Play It”.

“It's essentially a sequel to the last album, but I wanted this one to be more beat-oriented,” Gordon said Rolling Stone the LP. “Justin is really good at taking sounds and messing them up. In that sense, he’s a kind of punk who doesn’t respect technology in a way.”


She added: “I never really saw myself as a musician. I still see myself more as a visual artist who makes music. I still don't know about chords and things like that. But I realized that I know a lot about music and performing. It's somehow anchored in me and seems to be activated at the right time. Already before [Sonic Youth ended]I thought, 'Oh, when I'm 40, that's too old for this.' But it's a lifestyle, like blues or jazz players who play all their lives.”

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Gordon will be touring in support of the album this spring and summer. Dates will be announced by the end of July in Europe, Great Britain, Japan and North America. In March, she played the Knockdown Center in Queens, New York, bringing with her an expertly curated list of opening acts including L'Rain, Kelsey Lu, Bill Nace and Circuit des Yeux Rolling Stone Was there to take photos.