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Streaming services have taken the magic out of going to the cinema. SPECIALLY FOR THE ORACLE/UNSPLASH

The rustle of popcorn buckets and the excited whispers before the film starts is an experience you can't experience anywhere other than in the cinema.

It's convenient to be able to sit comfortably in the living room and watch a movie on Netflix.

However, it cannot compare to the feeling and benefits of going to the cinema to watch a movie for the first time.

Unfortunately, there has been a 15.5% decline in cinema attendance since 2017 Research from a 2023 survey by Public Participation in the Arts.

Fewer students are going to the movies, making them more isolated from society as they miss out on the cinematic and social experience that can only be found in the theater.

According to a survey conducted in April by The Oracle, about 51% of 75 USF students would rather stay home and watch a movie than go to the theater.

Part of this problem is also due to the high prices of movie tickets.

Average movie ticket prices across the country have changed rose above $3 in the last 10 years.

Unfortunately, the rise of streaming services with thousands of movies at your fingertips has contributed to society's isolation.

When people choose to go to the theater instead of staying at home, they can share experiences with strangers and make them feel connected.

Watching a movie at home is not the same as laughing or crying at the theater with a group of strangers. The films provide viewers with a shared space for interaction that can go beyond their normal social interactions.

When viewers use streaming services, they no longer have to go through the hassle of getting ready and watching a movie with friends, family, or loved ones.

Despite the rising cost of movies, paying for streaming services isn't much better.

According to a 2024 study, Americans spend an average of $46 per month on streaming services Opinion poll conducted by Forbes.

Students end up paying hundreds every year for streaming services that don't offer the same benefits as the cinematic atmosphere – even if those platforms offer more films to watch at once.

In any case, students should turn away from streaming services more, and Netflix seems to encourage this.

It is now becoming increasingly difficult for students to use streaming services.

Services such as Netflix have introduced the Netflix household rule, which means Netflix accounts can no longer be shared with students at home.

As streaming service policies become stricter, students should be more encouraged to attend movie theaters and bring back entertainment culture.

A cinema ticket in our nearby theater now costs around 100 euros $12 per person without discounts.

AMC Theaters also offer a $20 monthly membership that allows members to watch up to three films per week in their theaters as an alternative to using streaming services.

The closest theater to USF, Check out the dine-in cinema Located less than 10 minutes from campus and does not offer a student discount. However, they offer tickets for $6 on Tuesdays.

With these discounts provided by cinemas, students should appreciate the affordable cost of a film.

Don't just stay at home and watch Netflix, take a break from studying at home and enjoy a good movie at the cinema.