Maybe banning TikTok wouldn't be so bad


By Claire Goodyear | LTVN reporter/host

We've all heard about the possible ban on TikTok and what that could mean for us Generation Z. What do we do in our free time? How do we know what to wear? When will we girls know the right time to change our aesthetic from clean girl to mafia wife to coastal mermaid? If you have no idea what any of this means, you're in the clear. But for most of us, it's time to think about it for ourselves: Maybe banning TikTok wouldn't be so bad after all.

Our generation loves to hate iPad kids, when in reality we're all just iPhone adults. How many times a week do you sit down on the couch, open TikTok and start scrolling? When you finally regain consciousness, three hours have passed – and you haven't moved a single muscle except your thumbs. It's an endless cycle known as “doom scrolling” and I believe this phenomenon is killing not only our time but also our creativity.

The American writer and philosopher Robert M. Pirsig once said: “Boredom always precedes a period of great creativity.” But what if we are never bored? It's a common feeling that people never want to be bored, and that's fair, because boredom is, well, boring. TikTok, along with all other forms of social media, completely solves this problem for us. Are you feeling bored? Open TikTok. It's that simple. But that completely closes the door to creativity in our minds. We can't come up with original ideas because we're constantly adopting other people's ideas.

Instead of going out into the world and enjoying the beauty of life, we watch others do so from the comfort of our couch via a small screen. Think about how many more experiences we would have if the internet didn't exist. TikTok is addictive, but I assure you that actually living it and creating memories will make you 100 times more fulfilled.

While I've always downplayed it, TikTok, along with many other forms of social media, is a great way for everyone in the world to share their creativity and give viewers the opportunity to see the world from millions of different angles. The app has the special power to open people's minds beyond the bubble they live in and reveal the realities of different people. Additionally, there are so many talented YouTubers who put so much time and effort into the content they create for their followers. I think there's a very fine line between getting a few laughs every now and then on TikTok or making it a primary hobby.

If TikTok is banned, is it really the end of the world? The answer is no. Let's get bored in the real world and get creative. If you're constantly online, try to live a life that's just as stimulating as the one on your phone.