Here's how to safely watch next week's total solar eclipse – NBC Los Angeles


Before you try to catch a glimpse of the total solar eclipse on April 8, make sure you're wearing the right glasses.

Some retailers offer specially designed Eclipse glasses, which have gained traction on social media. The glasses are extra dark and have a filter capacity that exceeds that of everyday sunglasses to provide additional protection.

“You should not look directly at the sun with any glasses other than solar eclipse glasses,” said Dr. Ravi Menghani, an ophthalmologist at Dignity Health St. Mary.

Dr. Menghani advised looking for the ISO rating printed on the frame of the glasses. It should read “12312-2”.

Eye doctors also warn consumers to be careful when selling online, as counterfeit Eclipse glasses can give people a false sense of security and cause long-term vision damage.

“People come in with swelling or thickening of the retina,” said Dr. Menghani. “Or we saw a little yellow spot in the middle of the retina.”

Dr. Menghani recommended not removing solar eclipse glasses at any time during the eclipse, contrary to what some people on social media want to get right, since the sun is completely blocked because there is no telling when the dangerous light will return.

Dr. Menghani and his family will watch the eclipse from home for safety reasons.

NASA will be streaming the solar eclipse on YouTube starting April 8 at 10 a.m