Kansas begins luring Chiefs across the border


If the Chiefs leave Kansas City, they may not go far.

According to the Kansas City Star, efforts have begun to get the Chiefs to build a new stadium in Kansas. Specifically, former Kansas House Speaker Ron Ryckman Jr. is “quietly working” with “unnamed parties” interested in persuading the Chiefs to make a quick move across the state line.

The news comes today after a proposal to fund a renovation of Arrowhead Stadium by extending an existing sales tax failed miserably at the ballot box.

“Jackson County fumbled. Now there will be a crazy scramble for the ball and we will be in the best position to get a ball and score,” Ryckman said star.

(While you're at it, can you pass a law against politicians and/or lawyers who use bad football puns?)

When Kansas legalized sports betting, 80 percent of the revenue was earmarked for a new fund to attract professional sports teams to the state. The fund could reportedly have $10 million by 2025. (Much more is needed.)

Other measures could be used to finance a stadium with tax money. The key will be to develop a plan that does not require a popular voter, because (as we learned again last night) the people have no interest in subsidizing those who own sports teams.

The Chiefs' lease at Arrowhead Stadium expires after the 2030 season.