Steam is releasing 7 new free games in April that you can download and keep


April is here and with it the promise of spring. When the days get longer and the sun shines brighter than it does all year, what's a gamer to do? Stay indoors and of course play more games.

If you're a PC gamer with a Steam account (which I suspect most of you are), you can currently start April with no less than seven new free games. And you know? There are some real bangers in the mix here. Shall we go through them? Yes. Yes, I think we should do that.

The seven free Steam games you can currently get your hands on are listed below:

  • Motorcycle Evolution 2024 – A racing simulation that has received some good reviews so far. The game is in Early Access, so expect some rough edges.
  • Age Of Water: The First Voyage – A kind of cross between Fallout and Water world. Expect lots of FPS action on the high seas.
  • Charuca Soccer – A retro version of soccer. Not quite FIFA, but I guess even FIFA isn't FIFA anymore.
  • Palia – This is it Stardew Valley meets Animal Crossing. Pure atmosphere for all cozy gamers out there. However, reviews are currently mixed.
  • Battle Room – A cool looking multiplayer shooter where you compete as toy soldiers in a house. Since this is a beta, you definitely can't expect a completely polished experience.
  • Forest Ranger Simulator – Another simulation game, only this time you take on the role of a ranger.
  • Deceit 2 – A social deduction game. Think Among us meets resident Evil. Except not quite as good as one of these games. Ah great.

And now there is your lot! We'll keep you updated on the latest free games, big and small, all month long. So check back regularly. We'll miss you so much when you go away.