“X-Men '97 Fixes New Mutants Movie Mistake”



  • In X-Men '97, Magneto's team faces off against Friends of Humanity while Storm leaves after losing her powers, causing mental and physical challenges.
  • X-Men '97 reveals that Jean Gray is a clone who becomes Madelyne Pryor and turns the X-Mansion into a literal horror show to right past wrongs.
  • X-Men '97 emphasizes teamwork and features the heroes working together to fight demonic threats, demonstrating the strength of unity.

The following contains spoilers for X-Men '97 Season 1, Episode 3, “Fire Made Flesh,” which debuted March 27 on Disney+

In X Men '97, Magneto's team faces a number of problems. You have to deal with humanity's friends who are waging war in the name of humanity. Additionally, Storm left the team after losing her powers. This left her mentally and physically disabled.

Things take a dark turn when the cartoon reveals that Jean Gray, the mansion's owner, is a clone. She becomes Madelyne Pryor, causing the X-Mansion to turn into a literal horror show. This animated series fixes a mistake New mutants film made.

What was the New Mutants' biggest mistake?

The New Mutants stand united


“X-Men '97” has the chance to rekindle Forge and Storm's Marvel Comics romance

X-Men '97 Episode 3, “Fire Made Flesh,” brings Forge into Storm's orbit, which could reimagine their emotional romance based on the source material.

Josh Boones The New Mutants had its fair share of problems, from production to reshoots to Disney purchasing Fox and not wanting it to conflict with the Marvel Cinematic Universe brand. Some held out hope for the 2020 film after the trailers provoked suspense, terror and fright to undermine the superhero film genre. Unfortunately, the film failed to stick the horror landing as it dealt with the New Mutants before they became a team. They were given by Dr. Cecilia Reyes held in a mental institution who repeatedly lied and claimed she was testing their mutant powers to see if they were worthy enough to join the X-Men.

The film had moments where Rahne channeled her wild Wolfsbane side and where Sunspot learned more about his solar powers. Magik unlocked more of her magic and Mirage discovered the true nature of her illusions and the Demon Bear. Cannonball also learned of his propulsion talents. The problem is that the story failed to bring the team together for the finale when they had to fight the demon bear that Dani accidentally summoned from her trauma.

The plot felt disjointed and led to a rushed ending where they effortlessly killed Reyes and then tranquilized the bear when it manifested. Instead, it would have been better if they followed Marvel's lead inferno 1989 crossover in which demons attacked New York and were fought by the X-Men alongside the Avengers. This could have been optimized if the team had worked together as a unit from the start. Such a trip would have strengthened her and at the same time exposed her professional and personal weaknesses. Unfortunately, the slow-burn approach of putting the heroes into individual nightmares didn't work.

Too much screen time was taken up, negating their effectiveness – something fans will never see unless the MCU reboots or brings the crew back for a sequel, but that's highly unlikely. Had NewMutants has adopted the strategy and drawn some positive aspects from it X Men films, and if the team had worked together at every stage of Cecilia's torture, the emotional bond with them as a unit would have been much stronger, rather than people comfortably gathering together at the end. In total, X Men Stories are better than team stories New mutants Despite the premise, I didn't understand it.

“X-Men '97 unleashes its own horror inferno”

In X-Men '97, the assembled X-Men stand together in a cave with fiery soil


In X-Men '97, original voice actors had to audition again to reprise their roles

Original stars from “X-Men: The Animated Series” talk about auditioning for “X-Men '97” to reprise their roles.

X Men '97 continues to show that it understands the concept of team-ups. When Madelyne becomes the Goblin Queen, she brings everyone's nightmares to life. It leads to individual torment, but the heroes also work together to fight off these demonic manifestations. Gambit sees distorted versions of Rogue and Magneto, while Sunspot and Jubilee see a monster attacking them when it appears on television, but these manifestations are more than just personal warfare.

The nightmares of the X-Men are Dante's Inferno are brought to life, leaving heroes like Beast perplexed as to how their perception of reality is being realigned. It leads to so many battles being about collaboration. They are functional, with the mutants selflessly supporting each other. This reinforces that the heroes are better together. For example, Cyclops looks to Sunspot as a father figure during the war, which sets the stage for Sunspot to join and reinforces that Scott can be a good father.

In this case, the demonic threat appears to be on a larger scale as they target all of the X-Men. It's a brawl and a spectacle, just like fans are used to in the comics. The X-Men are shocked when they have to get to Mister Sinister's hideout. It's all because of what the Goblin Queen inspired at home: pure, unadulterated horror. Luckily, Jean arrives at the mansion and removes the fear that the Goblin Queen is feeling.

This kills Madelyne's dark side, causing the evil clone to team up with Cyclops to save his son Nathan Summers. It speaks to the terror she felt within herself, which is coincidental The New Mutants As her fears manifested, Dani took the same path. Her friends healed her, but her story lacked the spectacle of the inferno from which she wanted to emerge. The necessary bombastic team against Dani's subconscious. X Men '97but that's what it's all about.

Why X-Men 1997's 'Horror House' is better


X-Men '97 gives Storm her most important storyline yet

Disney+'s X-Men 1997 just dealt Storm a major blow, but it could help make her a new hero and wise advisor to both humans and mutants.

To New mutants The acclaim, the fight scenes, and the attempt at writing an intellectual story weren't that bad. The combat was cool, as was the CGI, but it just never felt like the horror that was advertised. In the end, it didn't feel as dynamic due to the limited battles. Disney+s X Men '97 Since it's a cartoon, this is easier to achieve, but the key component is the way it is tied into the narrative.

New mutants Not every nightmare level needed to be a spectacle, as a few would have been enough. Had the heroes been captured as a team and then worked together, it would have achieved the same purpose and effect as in the comics, similar to the comics X Men '97 carve out here. The cartoon knows how to challenge its heroes in unprecedented ways while giving them a reason to work together. Boone's film failed to achieve this balance. Because of this, his horror house lacked verve, seriousness and impact.

It was panned as New mutants flopped because it sold too much and delivered too little. Had New mutants Since it was a TV show, it could have provided more space to flesh out this approach and give the team more time together fighting enemies. But an efficient effect had to be achieved in less than two hours. A perfect example of this can be found in X Men '97with the happy mutants in their haunted house who fight together to free themselves mentally and physically.

Such a scale allows the demons and hallucinations to resonate. This creative tactic not only makes better villains, but also illustrates what the heroes do best: destroying opponents with mutual help. This makes fans curious as to how it works X Men '97 Season 1 will further raise the stakes after setting the bar so high. Stories like these help wash away the bad aftertaste of Fox films and perhaps reinforce it Some storylines are best saved for animation.

New episodes of “X-Men '97” debut Wednesdays on Disney+.

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