Azzyland accuses SSSniperWolf of physically attacking her: “She lunged at me”


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Azzyland claims SSSniperWolf physically assaulted her at a Fortnite event and said the YouTuber was forcefully pulled off of her while screaming obscenities.

The drama surrounding reactionary YouTuber SSSniperWolf continues as content creator Azzyland claims she was physically assaulted by the infamous reactionary YouTuber in 2018.

In 2023, Azzyland accused SSSniperWolf of copying her content and even harassing her, saying she “stole her life.”

Months later, Azzyland made another accusation against SSSniperWolf, claiming the YouTuber tried to attack her at the Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am five years ago.

On April 3, 2024, YouTuber Nerd City uploaded an interview with Azzyland in which she claimed that SSSniperWolf “attacked” her after he was eliminated early in the Fortnite competition.

“She just looks at me, she’s silent,” Azzyland described the incident. “She gets angry and then throws herself at me. I don’t remember the exact details because it was bloody terrifying.”

Azzyland claimed that bystanders had to get between the two women and “drag” SSSniperWolf off her.

“She yelled at me,” she continued. “A lot of words I can’t actually say on YouTube. But the only sentence I can say is: “You're faking your gameplay!” and then rushes towards me swinging.”

Azzy claimed that there were six witnesses to the attack. NerdCity contacted the witnesses, who confirmed Azzy's story but asked not to be named in his video.

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So far, SSSniperWolf has not responded to Azzyland's latest accusation… but she did push back on Azzyland's original claims last year, arguing that Azzy was the one who copied her – not the other way around.

It looks like things are far from settled between these two content creators as netizens are waiting for SSSniperWolf's reaction to Azzy's claims about the alleged attack.